The Mandate

As part of this project, I had the mandate to create the layout design for a print publication about Printmaking. The book's technicality brought me to explore a technical look by strongly utilizing the use of a grid system throughout the layout.

→ Layout Design

→ Print Design

Photo of an open spread of the Print It publication showing the papermaking process.
Photo of an open spread of the Print It publication about offset printing.
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Project Objectives

→ Explore new special printing techniques.

→ Develop an eye for creating unique layouts for a print publication.

→ Explore new tools in Adobe InDesign.


Creating a visual aesthetic that was consistent throughout every design decision, from details like the grid to the visuals themselves.

Creating a layout that was pleasing to look at while utilizing whitespace and creating a consistent visual hierarchy.

The design process

Project Start

Subject Research

Brainstorming & Idea Exploration

3 Direction Propositions

Exploration of the Chosen Concept

Creation of Branding Material

Presentation & Guidelines

Project Completion

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Ipad frame acting as an overlay over the animation video of the e-book.