Optical Art
Exhibition Animation

The Mandate

As part of this project, I had the mandate to create an animation to announce the OP Art exhibition happening at the Montréal MAC Museum. The “OP Art” exhibition highlighted artists from the optical art movement such as Claude Tousignant and Marina Appolonio on which their work relied on the use of shapes and colours to create optical illusions. The final 30 sec animation had to reflect the style of the art movement and convey people to come and visit the exhibition at the MAC.

→ Motion Graphics

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Project Objectives

→ Invite people to come and see the exhibition at the MAC museum.

→ Explore new motion graphics techniques.


Finding the right tools in after effects to create optical illusions 
that would reflect the artists works in the promo video was quite challenging and required me to experiment with a variety of 
different effects.

The design process

Project Start

Subject Research

Brainstorming & Idea Exploration

Creation of Style Frames

Exploration of the Chosen Concept

Putting it Together

Adjusting Transitions and Final Touches

Project Completion

OP Art metro ad at Place-des-Arts station.
OP Art metro ad at Lucien-L'allier station.
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Ipad frame acting as an overlay over the animation video of the e-book.