Esports Logo

The Mandate

In my early days as a graphic designer, I got the opportunity to work with many organizations in the esports world. This introduction to graphic design through the gaming industry allowed me to develop an eye for design. It's at this moment that I fell in love with design and started to explore branding systems around the logo identities I was creating.

→ Logo Design

→ Illustration

→ Branding

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Photo of a collection of some of the best logo identity designs I created for esports teams.

Project Objectives

→ Build a strong foundation of skills in graphic design.

→ Combine my passion for design with a field I was familiar with at the time.


→ Exploring new techniques with the softwares I was using.

→ Build an eye for good design.

The design process

Project Start

Project Completion

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Ipad frame acting as an overlay over the animation video of the e-book.