Branding Video
Aléo Foundation

The Mandate

I collaborated with Dentsu Creative to design the video for the launch of the new visual identity for the Aléo Foundation. This non-profit organization supports athletes in Quebec in their quest to reach their full potential, and our goal was to create a visual narrative that would effectively communicate the organization's mission and message in their branding transition.

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I would like to thank my collaborators at Dentsu for their wonderful work on the new Aléo branding and for their help throughout the project.

Agency : Dentsu Creative

Client : Patricia Demers, executive director, Aléo

Creative Director : Karl Ouellette

Artistic Direction : Karl Ouellette, Diana D’Alesio, Fernanda de Souza

Copywriting : Patrice Daigneault

Agency Production : Vanessa Gervais

Advisory Service : Jean-François Lalande, Josée Berniqué

Media : Sébastien Labelle

Sound Design : Lamajeure

Director of Photography : Bernard Brault

Motion Designer : William-Alexandre Hébert

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Project Objectives

→ Creating a dynamic launch video that mirrors the foundation's new branding.

→ Video integration throughout the animation.


→ Keep the main focus of the video on the construction of the new logo while combining videos of athletes performing.

→ Work in collaboration with the sound team for the final product.

The design process

Project Start

Project briefing with the Dentsu's team

Realization of a first rough version

Meeting 2 - Correction of project goals

Realization of a version 1 of the video

Final edits and delivery of deliverables

Launch of the new Aléo brand image

Project Completion

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Ipad frame acting as an overlay over the animation video of the e-book.