Cadet Restaurant
Brand Identity

The Mandate

Cadet is a high-end French restaurant located on Saint-Laurent's street in Montreal. With their dishes, they bring unique experiences to their customers with carefully selected dishes from France. The restaurant's name origins come from the fact that Cadet is the smaller brother of the Bouillon Bilk, another French restaurant located in the same area. It is also a reference to the army supply store that was occupying the space before they renovated the building to run their business.

→ Branding

→ Logo Design

Restaurant Cadet full size logo.
Restaurant Cadet logo animation looping.
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Project Objectives

→ Develop a unique logo mark and branding visual language that stays true to the restaurant's origins and evokes high-end french cuisine while differentiating them from what's out there on the market.


Finding the right visual aesthetic that would be a balance of high-end fresh cuisine while staying true to the brand's origins (french origin, previously army supply store).

The design process

Project Start

Subject Research

Brainstorming & Idea Exploration

3 Direction Propositions

Exploration of the Chosen Concept

Creation of Branding Material

Presentation & Guidelines

Project Completion

Photo of a stationey design kit for restaurant Cadet.
Photo of a close up of an embroided logo on an apron.
Photo of a close up of an enamel pin onto a worker's uniform.
Photo of a dynamic composition of business cards.
Photo of window decal for Restaurant Cadet's location.
Photo of custom coasters for restaurant Cadet.
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Ipad frame acting as an overlay over the animation video of the e-book.